Note: Samples of the map are provided here for educational purposes only; the map shown here is not kept up-to-date.

The purpose of providing these navigational and physical ratings below is to provide greater context for how challenging an orienteering course at this venue might be. For example, anĀ advanced-level course at a local city park will be easier to complete than an advanced-level course in the mountains.

Navigational Challenge Rating: 3

The golf course is wide open with very few obstacles to negotiate. Visibility is excellent, but our only events here are at night which bumps up the navigational rating a point. Most of the golf course looks the same with grassy fairways lined with scattered trees, so knowing your exact location could be a little tricky at times, but the entire area isn’t that big and is bounded by fences, so you’ll never have to worry about getting completely lost.

Physical Challenge Rating: 2

The golf course is mostly open with scattered trees and is generally flat with a few rolling hills. As one would expect for a golf course,