Welcome to the new website!

This project began by interviewing users of this site from a variety of backgrounds, from newcomer orienteers to long-time veterans. The focus of these interviews was to drill down to what each person’s goals and frustrations were when visiting the current site at the time.

What became clear through these interviews is that it would be a challenge to both answer the many questions newcomers had, while simultaneously serving efficient information to veterans. However, hopefully this site does just that!



Are you visiting the site to register?
There’s a link in the upper right corner that will take you there.

Are you looking for the most recent results, including WinSplits or RouteGadget?
A direct link is posted on the homepage, just beneath the Events section.

Are you on the way to a meet and need to look up directions on your phone?
Tap the directions link in the Events table (either on the home page or Events page) and it’ll open directions in Google Maps for you.



You’ll notice that event pages are longer. Each event page now comes with information to explain some of the details about orienteering that veterans take for granted, such as: why there’s a start window, how courses are measured, and what the heck an e-punch is.

While new explanatory content was added, the content that mosts interests veterans (course notes, course lengths, and schedule) are near the top of the page for quick access.



There’s a lot more to discover on this site, including prominent Newcomers and Skills sections, an introduction to Permanent Courses, an interactive map of the club’s maps, and even a new 1 to 10 rating system for each venue. While there is still some content to fill in here and there, you’ll find that there’s already a lot to explore.

Surveys about your experience on the new site will be sent out in the future, but if you’d like to provide feedback early, or you spot a broken link, feel free to get in touch with me, Rebecca Jensen.



Don’t worry, the old pages are still accessible!

The 2009-2015 site is at: http://classic.cascadeoc.org/

The 2000-2009 site is at: http://www.old.cascadeoc.org/



Thank you to all that helped in the process. A Very Special thanks to Bob Forgrave for helping make this vision a reality, and for his contributions to the map pages. Thank you to Eric Jones for troubleshooting with me and building some cool code to make the results posting process more streamlined. Thank you to Patrick Nuss for hammering out his Choose  Your Adventure event pages. Thank you to Patrick Nuss, Kate Byers, Julie Cassata, and Kate Byers for participating in photo shoots. Thank you to Peter Golde for fielding my questions and making the site live. Thank you to Gina Nuss for her feedback on results pages. And thanks to all those that I interviewed to get to this point.


Happy exploring!